Owu Crown Hotels Ltd, a wholly indigenous hotel, was incorporated on the 20th May, 2005. It is located along km 2 Monatan Iwo Road Dual Carriage, Ibadan Oyo State. The hotel is laced with alluring ambience, complete with state-of-the-art facilities in tune with modern requirement in the hospitality industry. It is a hotel that can compete favourably with any of the best in the world. To give our customers the value of their hard earned money, our array of staffs have been trained in and outside Nigeria.

entry wall

entry wall

The Hotel presently ready for commissioning, is a 5 storey structure with 76 Nos lettable rooms of different sizes and four floors. Each of the rooms are tastefully equipped with 5 star conveniences including wireless internet connectivity for lodgers, I.P.TV system which allows each lodger to view on request, particular films on their TV sets. It also has Presidential Suite Pent House on the fifth floor, which has a kitchenette ensuite. This makes it a home away from home as it has 2 bedrooms for children or aides apart from the master’s bedroom which is equipped with the most modern conveniences. There are 2 chalets on the fifth floor which houses the General Manager and the Executive Chef. All the floors are services by 2 lifts for guests and one for room services.

The Hotel is serviced by a Central Air-conditioning system on both the ground floor and basement where the Front Desk/Reception, the main Bar and offices are located while each of the lettable rooms is serviced by split unit air conditioners.

Apart from enjoying a dedicated line from PHCN substation with it on 500KVA transformer, it has 2 500KVA and another 350KVA generator which are serviced by a 26000 liters underground diesel pump. Also the Hotel has 100KVA Inverter which it powers as back up for Ground floor and basement where most of its electronic equipments like computers, internet server etc are located. The inverter is also connected to the lifts to ensure their uninterrupted service.

The Hotel has an automated front door which ushers in guests to its public area and the reception which is equipped to standard for quick and efficient services. The main Bar is also located close to the reception to allow easy access. It is equipped with the most modern equipments and tasteful furniture for real comfort and relaxation. The bar is imbued with different exotic drinks.

The Hotel kitchen is one of its very strong points. It is equipped with the most modern equipment which can not only adequately cater for its customers, but it can take on outdoor services without strain or stress on the facilities. The section is manned by professional with deep culinary knowledge. The restaurant is well laid out with comfortable chairs and tables, spacious and inviting.

In the same vein, the Hotel has a well furnished board room which can conveniently seat up t0 20people at a time and also a conference room that can seat up to 80people. It is equipped with projector and white board.

Apart from the facilities listed above, the Hotel has a standard swimming pool, two numbers decorative fountains, a gymnasium, standard laundry which is well equipped and can service a Hotel of a much bigger size. In fact, the laundry have to take jobs from outside in order not to underutilize the facility. The water from the industrial borehole in the Hotel is channeled into water treatment plants which produce ozonized water for use. It has a well asphalt paved adequate parking lot. Also, there is room for future expansion.